Guisad Barangay and Easter College Inc. forged a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to collaborate on the “Adopt a River” project. This collaborative effort between the community and the institution aims to promote social responsibility and environmental stewardship by preserving and protecting the waterways within the barangay.The Adopt a River project is an initiative that focuses on cleaning, rehabilitating, and revitalizing the river in Guisad Barangay, which has been adversely affected by pollution and neglect. Through this partnership, the barangay and the college strive to create a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for the benefit of the community. The signing ceremony was attended by barangay officials, The President of Easter College, and the community leaders. Under the MOA, both parties have committed to a long-term partnership that encompasses various activities. The collaboration between Guisad Barangay and the College reflects a genuine commitment to the environment and the welfare of the residents. By working together, they aim to strengthen community participation and instill a sense of ownership in the safeguarding and preservation of the natural resources found in their locality.