The research poster exhibit was held in the morning in the GT Auditorium, while the oral presentations were held in the afternoon in various rooms within the Manila Tytana Colleges, depending on the category to which the research was assigned. According to Ms. Gampol, their journey as a group in making their study was not an easy path to take; they didn’t even complete their research paper on time because of some major revisions and they were draining to the point that they already wanted to give up. In spite of that, they did their best to finish their study. “When our study was chosen to be presented at the 15th MDCON Research Congress, it gave us hope that our research was interesting enough for people to hear about. It was a great opportunity to share our study, and its content can at least be used in any way. We were fortunate to be given the chance to present our research, and being awarded as one of the best oral presenters was a blessing. Receiving an award during the research congress made me feel fulfilled. It feels like I won this award with my co-researchers. On their behalf, I would like to say being hopeful is greater than giving up. It may always seem hard at first, but in the end, it will be fulfilling,” she added. Since the judges had lengthy conversations with the other poster presenters but not with them, Ms. Alilis did not expect to win. “It was unexpected because the judges were just passing through in front of us, not even opening their score sheets. So I told myself, 'Nicole, wala na toh. Just enjoy it because it’s once in a lifetime.' That’s why I was so thankful when our research title was called,” she cheerfully stated. Ms. Sy felt that their win came very unexpectedly, like she never had a moment when she was sure that their research would win during the program. “My goal was only to share this research with everyone who is part of the event, not specifically to win but at least to have an opportunity to share that the grieving process is a consideration, especially during the pandemic,” she further noted concerning their research. Furthermore, global health and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were discussed in the congress. Global health places a priority on improving global health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide, and SDGs aim to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in development and equity in the health environment. Given the interconnectedness of human beings, global health is important for people, animals, and the environment. Research is an important mechanism to achieve SDGs for sustainability. “Research is a bridge to transformation,” Dr. Borromeo stated. Publishing research studies related to SDGs is important and disseminating findings becomes a pathway to global health. “Publish or Perish,” Hon Salvani simply specified regarding research studies. EC-DON also congratulates Ms. Rosemarie A. Picpican, Ms. Jiarah T. Se-eng, Ms. Kris Elaine W. Gayad, Ms. Gliza D. Alwis, Ms. Kristal Wayne D. Pastorfide, Mr. Jacob Azariah A. Ola, Ms. Myra Jhane D. Casinto, and Ms. Kate Irish B. Domling, all BSN4 students, for presenting their studies during the congress. Congratulations to everyone! Tytana’s Manila Doctors College of Nursing (MDCON) held its 15th RESEARCH CONGRESS (MDCONRC) on November 29, 2023 (Wednesday) 8AM–5PM at the GT Auditorium, Manila Tytana Colleges.