1. Get accounting clearance at the Accounting Office.
  2. Pay downpayment at the Cashier.
  3. Go to the Dean's Office for evaluation.
  4. Fill out the preliminary form, and have it approved by the enrollment adviser.
  5. Proceed to the Computer Laboratory for encoding.
  6. Proceed to Room A214 for verification and ID validation (if applicable and/or available).
  7. Go to the Registrar's Office for validation of enrollment.
For those who cannot enroll personally:

(This method is not preferred)

  1. Settle your previous balance (if there is any).
  2. Pay the minimum required downpayment (Php 2,000.00) thru any of the banks listed below.
  3. Send the following to studentaccounts@eastercollege.ph for proper posting:
    • Scanned copy or picture of deposit slip / screenshot of payment details (for payments done online)
    • Student's complete name
  4. Notify your advisers that you have enrolled, by sending them a copy of your payment details.
  5. Upon verification, your department advisers will send you a copy of your subjects and schedules.
Bank Account Name Account Number
Bank of the Philippine Islands Easter College Inc. 8531-0010-61
Metrobank Easter College, Incorporated 573-7573005860